Handmade luxury jewelry from Lenka Šváchová


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2,900 inc. VAT

Gold Ring - Stardust

 - ring made from 14 carat gold and decorated with hand set diamonds.

 - price is for 1 ring



The ‘Stardust’ ring is covered in 18 diamonds which are unevenly spread to enhance the organic shape of the band.

The width of the band is 3-4 mm.

Included in the price of the ring is the possibility of engraving a name or short message on the interior of the ring.

The hand made work ensures the quality of the piece with attention to detail. Learn more about the production process by clicking here.

The jewelry will be made to order after the order is placed. Upon payment the piece will be sent to your address within 3-6 weeks.

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“Function and design, perfectly connected.”


A brand which lays emphasis on meticulous hand crafting and its connecting of traditional goldsmith craftsmanship with the present time. Jeweler Lenka Šváchová uses quality precious metals and certified gemstones which are always set into the jewelry by hand in order to ensure worry free wear. Every piece is an original and is made to order.

Through her work Lenka Šváchová is reawakening a family tradition of goldsmiths which reaches back to the 1600’s.

27JEWELRY collections are distinguished through their organic, nonlinear forms. This distinctive attribute is the result of the hand made and unique approach to shaping the material while it is in molten form.

27JEWELRY offers many rings, earrings and necklaces. This variety allows combining and stacking the jewelry together which allows our clients to create their own individual interpretation of the collection.

You don’t have to be limited to a single color of gold. Each of the various shades of gold can be combined and thanks to the distinctive style of the jewelry will create a perfect harmony. It only depends on your preferences and imagination.

The Stardust ring stacked with the Drip Band

The Stardust ring stacked with the Drip Band


The brand 27JEWELRY was founded by Lenka Šváchová in Prague in 2012. At this time she still had no idea what lay hidden in her family history. In 2014 with surprise and amazement she learned that there was a tradition of goldsmiths in her family that stretched across 8 generations and reached back to the 17th century. This discovery confirmed for her that pursuing the goldsmith’s calling was the right path for her and that her ancestors had given her the most valuable gift they could — skillfulness.