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Jewelry with fingerprint

Have your own fingerprint, or the fingerprint of someone you want to keep close to you, made right into your jewelry. Thanks to her handmade production, Lenka Kerlicka is able to produce even more personal jewelry. You will even get to be a direct part of its production.


Choose the jewelry you would like to have your fingerprint imprinted. We will be happy to advise you on the choice, but the fingerprint can be applied to the majority of our jewelry, so you do not have to restrict yourself.

Next, visit the 27JEWELRY boutique, where our experienced assistant will make your fingerprint which we will then use for the jewelry. The fingerprint can only be used once and it is therefore necessary to have a unique print for each piece of jewelry.

The time needed to make a fingerprint in our boutique is up to 5 minutes.

As a good quality fingerprint is required, you will need to visit us. You can come at any time during opening hours without booking an appointment.

When ordering online, select the fingerprint option for the jewelry you are ordering. Then stop by our boutique for imprinting. We will contact you after completing your order.

If you want more than one fingerprint in a single piece of jewelry, contact us.


Baby Births
• Baby’s fingerprint
• The most common jewelry: the ring

Engagement Ring
• Fiance’s fingerprint

Wedding rings
• Imprinting one to another

Child's fingerprint
• fingerprint of one or more children
the most common jewelry: necklace

Child’s fingerprint year by year
• Recording the child’s growth through fingerprints
• The most common jewelry: a bracelet on which are gradually added new fingerprints every year
Gift for Mom
• Children's (husband's) fingerprints
• The most common jewelry: ring, necklace

Gift for Dad
• Children's (wife's) fingerprints
• The most common jewel: a bracelet

Gift for Grandma
• Fingerprints of grandchildren
• The most common jewel: bracelet, necklace


Can I add the fingerprint to already finished jewelry?
Unfortunately, no.

Can I have more fingerprints on one jewelry?
Yes, we will be happy to advise you. Contact us.

Do I have to have an appointment for the fingerprint?
You do not have to. We look forward to seeing you in our boutique at the Mandarin Hotel during the opening hours.