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Lenka Kerlická specializes in creating custom handmade pieces which are unique to you while also preserving her unique style.


Custom made jewelry from 27JEWELRY is an original piece that you will not find in our portfolio. It is based on the style of Lenka Kerlická, who will design the jewelry for you. The jewelry can be made in yellow, white, or rose gold (14k, 18k) or platinum.


Generally, the production time is around six weeks. It can, however, stretch for several months. Depending on the scope of the order, the technical demands of production and the stones used.


This is the time where we will clarify your imagination of the jewelry. We will go through all the details and your wishes. Lenka Kerlická creates the design and production either directly at the meeting with you or she can send you the proposal via email, after careful consideration of all options.

Because Lenka Kerlická creates jewelry by hand and she does not use any 3D print, she can not offer you 3D visualization. The whole design will be thoroughly described and clarified on both sides, if needed an additional sketch will be created. You can, of course, just tell us your idea and let us surprise you with the final jewelry. Lenka loves a free hand.


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It is our priority that are satisfied with your jewelry and that it fits perfectly. We approach each order individually and resolve all details to your satisfaction. We are happy to adjust your jewelry, if for example, its size will not fit perfectly after trying it on.

These days, unfortunately, 99% of jewelry on the market is made by 3D print technology.


Every piece of jewelry from Lenka Kerlicka’s workshop comes with a certificate on the origin of the jewelry and a certificate regarding the stones used. When working with diamonds larger than 0.3ct you will receive an international certificate.

Each piece of jewelry is stamped with a unique production stamp belonging to Lenka Kerlicka and the quality of the material is verified by the state assay office.


To get an orientation of our prices look at the 27JEWELRY e-shop. Custom jewelry is more expensive due to the added technological complexity as well as time for production.

Prior to starting work on custom jewelry we send an invoice for 50% of the final price. After receipt of payment we begin work. We are happy to have a non-binding conversation about your wishes.

Tel.: 775442727