ClusterHue Ring- Red and Pink Cluster

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Ring made from 14k gold with handset natural stones.

The Ring is the foundation of the ClusterHue collection, which follows Chinese medicine. It is made to support the heart’s meridian pathway and connects with the fire element.

Stones size:5mm, 4mm, 3mm, 2mm, 1,3mm

Stones:morganit, rose quartz, tourmaline, sapphire, ruby

Ring width: approx 2mm

Material: 14k (585/1000)

Weight: approx 3,42g

35 000 

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Type of Gold

Getting to the perfect jewelry also depends on the right choice of gold color.
All our gold is ethically sourced and also recycled to 99.9% pure material which is subsequently mixed with other metals to create the perfect shade of gold and the exactly requested purity of the material.

There are four shades of gold:
White Gold – covered in a layer of the precious metal rhodium which gives a beautiful white shade.
White Gold Natural – with a touch of beige-champagne color which gives a very natural feel.
Yellow Gold – the classic color of gold which is never too showy.
Rose Gold – a very natural shade with a slight rose/pink color.
All our gold is standard in 14K 585/100.
For custom orders we can produce the jewelry in platinum or 18k gold.


Selecting the right size

The ring must sit precisely in order to be a comfortable part of your daily life.
Since we create each ring to order specifically for you we ask that you take the time to specify the correct size. You can select from the Czech scale of ring sizes. For more detailed information on how to choose the right size click here.
If you are still uncertain and cannot come to one of our locations, stop by any local jewelry shop where they will certainly help with measurement. If you have any question contact us at



To make sure you feel in your earrings comfortable or be sure you are choosing the appropriate claps for your little girl, please read about each kind and their fit.

Balloon fasteners is suitable for the very first earrings. The stem is finished with a thread on which the so called balloon is screwed. The balloon covers the stick which prevents it from scratching the baby’s ear. It’s one of the safest fastenings against earrings loss.

The stud is called the end piece that slides onto the stem. The stern has two stops at the end that prevent the stud from falling off. It is a favorite fastening for older children (about 2 years) or adults.

Front Fastening for children
It is a child-type fastening of earrings. The hook that passes through the back of the ear is inserted into the small ring that is located on the front of the earring. It is practical for the first earrings for up to 3 years because the parent has good control over whether the earrings are closed.

Ladies Patent
Earring fastening which is placed behind the ear. The patent, or the flap closes the earring and prevents its loss. It is a very secure fastening and most of the time it feels comfortable even during a sleep. It is suitable for older children and adults.


Surface finish

One of the final steps while finishing jewelry is polishing or brushing the surface. It will change character of the piece. Polishing will ensure high gloss finish while brushing will create matte finish.


The proces of making jewelry takes between 4 to 6 weeks.
After its finished it will be shipped to your adress or ready for pick up in 27JEWELRY boutique according to your selected choice while finishing the order.


Contact us at

Lifetime Warranty

For 27JEWELRY we offer a lifetime warranty.

Production time / payment / delivery


Each piece of jewelry is made to order specifically for you. Therefore we ask you to count with a production period of 4-6 weeks after confirmation of payment for your order.

If you would need your jewelry sooner, contact us at


Our standard shipping method is registered post or insured package with Czech Post.


You can pay by bank transfer or with PayPal. You can select the payment method in the cart and checkout.


Because each piece of jewelry is made to order we can’t accept a return or exchange. If you receive jewelry with a demonstrable defect from our side, contact us within 7 days of receipt. Until the receipt of the jewelry by you, the customer, 27JEWELRY is responsible for the jewelry. If you need to send the jewelry by post, please choose the appropriate insurance for the full value of the jewelry.

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